Sell A Home

So You’re Thinking About Selling A Home…

Well maybe…or maybe not…

It’s OK if you haven’t really decided yet.  Call me anyway. I would be happy to come out, meet you and take a look at your property. I’ll even do a listing proposal. Then, I will make suggestions for preparing your home for sale and give you my recommended list price. If you decide to list with me, that’s great. If not, that’s OK too. No pressure from me. It only works if it works for both of us.

How Long Will It Take To Sell?

That depends. If your property is in great demand and is priced aggressively, it’s entirely possible that it will sell immediately. However, if it’s a high end home at the top of  the market’s price range, it’s likely to take a longer. Historically, homes in excess of $1,000,000 tend to linger on the market. I do everything possible to shorten this time frame. My goal is to price property in a sensible, realistic way that also maximizes return, leaving no money on the table. Typically, the more accurate the list price, the faster it will sell.

Maybe My House Isn’t Expensive Enough For You To List…

Not true! I handle sales in all price ranges. In fact, I prefer to list a variety of homes at different price points. I represent all homes in the most attractive, appealing way, whether they are on the market for $150,000 or $1,500,000. I use all of my skills and creativity to make the sale happen quickly and smoothly. Sellers also play a huge role in this process. I make suggestions and recommendations based on market conditions and my experience. When we work together as a team, we always have the best chance of success.

What Will You Do Differently To Sell My Home?

In the “old days,” a real estate agent’s marketing of their sellers’ properties consisted simply of putting a sign in the yard, putting the listing in the MLS, and praying that it sold. Even today, there are a lot of real estate professionals who think syndicating listings to portals is a job well done.  And here’s the thing: these tactics may be enough to sell a home. In a good market, they may be enough to even sell a home over asking price.  However, I believe that sellers deserve more.

I have spent more than 11 years researching and developing systems that are proven to get positive results. I frequently meet with other top real estate agents, looking for the most innovative ways to get the results that sellers, like you, want. The best ideas for selling property have been implemented in my ‘Get Your Home Sold’ plan.

A basic overview of my ‘Get You Home Sold’ plan looks like this: First, I study the market in great detail and determine how it relates to the sale of your property. Next, I design a customized marketing and prospecting plan that targets the greatest number of buyers for your property. I then blast information about your home to the entire market using email, database marketing and prospecting, and networking strategies that generate the highest sales price and quickest sale. Finally, I employ a very systematic process in insuring that you have a smooth contract to close experience.  The end result is your property sold in a time frame that is designed by you, at a price that you are happy with.